The Beginning!

Wow! I have been wanting to put the pen to paper for awhile now, (well since I saw my baby sister’s blog cataloguing her time in Europe, it really is amazing check it out: primarily so that I have an outlet to share my thoughts on all of the books that I read. My husband is becoming incredibly bored with hearing about them; he’s not really a reader (I judge him for it) so writing about them is good way for me to get my thoughts out there without annoying the crap out of him. In addition to describing and reviewing the books I read, I also wanted a place where my friends can recommend new books to me and give me their opinion of a book we’ve both read. I think that’s the beauty of books, different people can dive into the same book and share in the magic of having experienced that book together. I think that’s part of the allure of the Harry Potter series (along with it being the most amazing set of books ever written); I can connect instantly with anyone who has read the books because we have already shared an experience together.

Anyways, I feel like I’ve been in a reading frenzy lately because the last three years of my life have been so centered on law school and, along with sucking the soul right out of you, it really curbed any desire I had to read for pleasure. So now I feel like I’m making up for lost time and have literally been reading any book that I can get my hands on. I’ve started a lot of book series because apparently that’s what hot right now, but I haven’t finished any of them. I’m really odd because I like to savor stuff, like with my meals I always save my favorite foods for last. This always turns out to be a horrible idea because it’s usually cold or I’m full by then, but I do it every time and that’s how I am with book series, I want to keep the series going for as long as I can.

I recently started Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series (damn these young adult novels nowadays so good and addictive!), Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels because I’m in love with True Blood, and Geroge R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. I’ve only read the first book of the Stackhouse novels, Dead Until Dark, and the first two of the other ones and I'm enjoying them all. Everyone’s been telling me not to wait to read Mockingjay, the last book in The Hunger Game series, but once I read it that’s it, sayonara Katniss, so I plan on waiting a little longer before I finish it off.

I just started reading Julian Barnes’ Sense of an Ending for my law gal’s book club and I’ll give you my take on it after I finish it. Normally, I don’t think I’ll be posting unless I’ve finished a book and have something to say about it but I wanted to get this thing going while I had a second.

More to come. B


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