First, and foremost, I am a lover of books (and booze). I’ve had my nose stuck in a book since I learned how to read and it's been causing me such trouble ever since. One would think people would appreciate readers and leave them be, one would be wrong. When I was little I was consistently chastised for bringing a book to the dinner table and, only after hard negotiations, had to settle for being allowed to read during my breakfasts before school. See people tend to get awfully annoyed when they see a reader happily engrossed in a book because they feel left out and ignored; a simple remedy for the annoyed would be to read themselves. Just saying.
Even with all the reading there is more to me than just books. Barely. I have been married to the most amazing man for the past 8 years and his career in the military brought us from California to Sicily. One of my favorite memories during my life abroad were the mornings (I use the term loosely) when I could sit on patio with a hot coffee, a good book, and stare at the island’s volcano in the distance. It was the type of life most people aspire to have once they retire and I feel ridiculously happy that I’ve already had that. But all good things must end and instead of residing in the Sicilian countryside we're living in our Nation's capital, which, to be honest, isn't too shabby. I'm attending a master of laws program and even though at times I think I'm crazy to be back in school it's better than mornings filled with commuter trains lugging me into Philadelphia, where I worked as a noobie attorney. I do love everything (almost everything, writing papers is a bitch) about being back in law school except the huge strain it's putting on my reading life. In law school, the only thing I had time to read were case books and the backs of microwave dinners. It was a dark three years people, and only summer vacations and the light summer reading lists seemed to brighten it. I'm trying to take this program a little less seriously and read when I have a free moment. 

I started this blog in an attempt to keep the people around me sane. See I have this slight tendency to shove books down people’s throats because I believe everyone should love the books I love. Weirdly, people find this to be obnoxious. However, with the blog it's win, win. I can still put forth my honest opinions of the books I read without putting my friends and family into the uncomfortable position of telling me to bugger off. I hope you enjoy!


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