Don't Judge Me

So I’m waiting on some really big news, hopefully good news, and the wait is stressing me out. When I get stressed out I read because books offer a welcome escape (kind of like booze but people don't judge you for it when you're indulging in the morning or in public). Reading provides a portal into another world, allowing me, for that period time, to forget about whatever is freaking me the fuck out. I've done it since I was a kid. Anytime I did something stupid, or more often when my mom was being simply being unreasonable (obviously), and was yelled at, I would run to my room, grab a book, and poof! Problems-be-gone. Point of the story? I’ve read a lot this past week.

I finished up Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare last week and I really, really enjoyed it. Let me start this off by explaining that this is not normally my type of book. Well, maybe that’s not necessarily true anymore because I feel like in the past 5 years I’ve really started to let in the paranormal/ya/fantasy genres. I don’t know if this is because I’ve grown into these types of books or if it’s because these books have become increasingly popular. Either way it’s working for me. I should say that if I had gone to a bookstore I wouldn’t have picked out the book because the cover doesn't appeal to me nor does the description sound particularly interesting to me. Nonetheless, all the book blogs I’ve been reading were talking about it and I hate being left out, especially when it comes to books. Long story short, I read and loved it.

The basic premise: Our heroine Tessa’s aunt has just died and she is leaving New York for London where her brother is waiting for her to start their lives together. Unfortunately, when she arrives her brother is nowhere to be found and she gets sucked into a world she never knew existed, the Downworld. Set in Victorian times, the Downworld is full of all sorts of our favorite characters: vampires, werewolves, demons, and ghosts. You name it they exist and will play a part in the book, although not a main part because Clare introduces us to the Shadowhunters. The Shadowhunters are half-human and half-angel creatures meant to protect the mundanes (that’s us!) from all the evil creatures of the Downworld who wish them harm (aka sacrifices and other creepy shit). There’s also the beginning of a love triangle, which is always welcomed. I also liked the characters. Normally the female leads in YA books are super naïve and annoying but she seemed like a stronger role model (not Katniss “I volunteer” strong, but still) and Jem was sweet and reliable. Will though, Will was my favorite. Not a lot is revealed about his life before joining the ranks of the Shadowhunters and I’m really intrigued to see how is character evolves.

But like I said, this description wouldn’t normally pull me into a book but I really couldn’t put it down! And, while normally I hate reading a series all at once, because I like to make the series last, that wasn't the case with this series. I seriously ran out to get the next one as soon as I finished it and, wouldn’t you know it, the bloody store didn’t have it! The one freaking time I want to read the next book in a series . . .

And onto the next . . . I just finished reading The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. 


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