I'm Really Not A Serial Killer

I just finished reading I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells.

Not exactly a subtle cover
Bold title right? Let me tell you, I received some curious looks from my fellow train passengers and I felt slightly awkward carrying around a “blood stained” book proclaiming that I am in fact not a blood thirsty sociopath. I felt their judgey eyes all over me and my reading choice. But truth be told I’m a creeper too. I’m always staring at people on the train, trying to decipher what they’re reading and I have been tempted on more than one occasion to ask if they would recommend their current selection but I’ve held back. Let me remind you, I’m currently living in the North East, right outside of Philadelphia, and the people of the city of Brotherly Love are not exactly the type who are open to chatting with strangers on a train. So I hold my tongue and creep quietly.

Back to my book, the plot follows a 15 year old boy, John Wayne Cleaver, who believes he is likely to become a serial killer, that is unless he follows a series of strict rules he has set for himself. See John Wayne has been interested in death, his momma operates a morgue after all, and serial killers ever since he was eight when he first starting reading about murderers. The older he becomes the more his interest has turned into an obsession, landing him right on a psychiatrist’s couch where he's officially diagnosed as a sociopath. His rigid rules include not staring at people too long, forcing himself to give a compliment to a person whom he envisions murdering, and definitely no following or stalking anyone. Unfortunately for John Wayne a serial killer is murdering people in his town, forcing him to abandon many of his rules and letting his inner monster roam free in the process.

Crazy interesting right?! I came across this gem during one of my recent explorations of GoodReads and I am so glad I did. The book was well written and fun. I would say unique but it kind of reminded me, and everyone else I described it to, of Dexter. You know, good at heart serial killer who needs to satisfy his urge to kill. Dexter similarities aside, it was interesting to read about John’ Wayne's inner struggle with what he calls The Monster. I’m intrigued to see where else Wells takes this character.

Bottom line, I liked the book and if the word on the street is correct and more of John Wayne is coming, I will be reading the rest of this series.

And onto the next . . . I am currently reading John Knowles' A Separate Peace.


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