So Addictive

Holy freaking smokes!!! George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is amazing. I just finished reading the third book, A Storm of Swords, and I’m beyond hooked.

For those of you who are unaware, Martin’s books were recently turned into a series on HBO called Game of Thrones, which is why everyone knows the book series as the “Game of Thrones” novels. The series is full of lust, wars, betrayal, kings and queens; in short everything that makes a book oh so wonderful. Now some of you may be thinking “ugh, fantasy novels?” but you need to shut your mouths right now because I thought that too . . . until I was converted. During bar prep, which is really the most miserable time of any future attorney’s life, my friend Meghan was gushing about this new tv show. All I heard was kings fighting and dragons being born and blah blah blah. So not my scene. Fast forward to the month after the bar, when I’m sleeping all day and mindlessly flipping through every channel (no judging, after studying for 19 hours a day for two months I was a bona fide zombie after the exams) when low behold I come across Game of Thrones on Demand.  I started watching the first episode at 10pm and I didn’t stop until I finished all 10 episodes around 5 in the morning. Yeah, it was that addictive and now I’m the person gushing like a fool about make believe kingdoms.

There are currently five books out, with two more to come (hopefully!) and out of the three I’ve read so far I have enjoyed the third the most. The first book, aptly titled Game of Thrones, was great but it followed the first of the HBO series exactly so the book wasn’t much of a surprise. While book two, A Clash of Kings, just wasn’t as good as book three in my opinion.

So a short synopsis on how the beginning of the series starts, because I wouldn’t dream of ruining the rest of this for you: The Hand of the King is dead, poison is suspected, and the King has traveled from warm, sunny King’s Landing north to Winterfell, the home of his longtime friend Ned Stark . . .  

Well shit, never you mind the description because I can't sum it up. I have so much to say about these books, as is evidenced by the daily conversations that my co-worker and I have, but I feel like saying anything will give something away. So that just means you have trust me, you will love these books. So yeah.

And on to the next . . . I am going to start Columbine


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