More Game of Thrones Goodness (and Another Amazing Book)

Oh My Gooooodnessss it’s been a long time. Life has been busy, and let’s face it a blog about books is the first thing to go. I have, however, had time to read because, well, there is always time to read. No really there is. So I read a couple amazing books and a couple not so amazing books and instead of trying to do one post per book I read, freaking eight, I’ve decided just to include them all in only a couple posts.
Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth:

I have a new series y’all! This book was soooo good.  Now, I have a million (slight exaggeration) books at home that I bought at one point and then, being distracted by other amazing books, set on my shelf to read another day. Most of these books have been hanging out all comfy cozy on my shelves for years but since I got tired of looking at the same book titles on my Goodreads  “To Read” bookshelf, I decided to start at the top and start reading some of the books I already own. So glad I did because some of these books were bought, not because I really wanted to read them but because the title looked familiar or because they had awards on the cover and had I kept up with my miserable ways I would have missed out on Pillars.
I remembered vaguely hearing about Pillars but I had no idea what it was about and even when I tell you what it’s about you’re going to be just like me and say “fuck no, I am not reading about monks and cathedrals.” Only you probably won’t be exactly like me because you probably wouldn’t have bought a book about monks and cathedrals in the first place just because you may have heard about it once upon a time. But here’s the thing, since you’re not exactly like me you would have missed out on seriously good find because this book was the cat’s freaking meow, even though it’s about monks and cathedrals. That’s all I’m going to say about it because I really feel as though you should just trust my judgment and also the judgment of the world (a mini-series was based on the book, although it was awful) and read it.
 A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin:


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